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summer green blog post 22-8-16

Rejuvenation at Resorts in Hyderabad

Rejuvenation, the Resort way in Hyderabad One of the many reasons why people head out to resorts is to head away from the hustle and bustle of life. The grind of life taxes us to the last breath, hence the body, mind equilibrium has to be restored if we are[…]

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Stress management at Resort in Hyderabad

Take a break from your angry outbursts Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind! Someone said “never so to bed angry, stay awake and plot revenge.” I tried it for a few days and ended up with sleepless nights making me angrier. Come to[…]

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A Disco Outing with Colleagues

A Disco Outing with Colleagues Once you get the beat inside your feet, there ain’t no way to stop you moving! “People dance because dance changes things. One move can bring people together. One move can set a whole generation free.” That’s what the Step Up movie series was all[…]

Family Resort in Hyderabad

Tips to Choose a Family Resort in Hyderabad

Tips to Choose a Family Resort in Hyderabad What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare! Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at the moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch. Man,[…]

Best Eco friendly Resorts in Hyderabad

Best Eco friendly Resorts in Hyderabad for Company Outings

  Best Eco friendly Resorts in Hyderabad for Company Outings When was the last time you and your colleagues went for an outing? I am quite sure that there are many of you who are waiting for an occasion to bond with the team on an outing. It has become[…]


Welcome to Summer Green Resort

Summer Green plays perfect host as a gateway destination for families, friends or colleagues. The picturesque greenery, great ambience & sprawling lawns are ideal for hosting weddings, birthday parties, family functions, Get-togethers, corporate seminars & launches.

The drive to summer green is a refreshing one, with greenery on both sides of the road, aptly titled the greenest drives of Hyderabad. Located in close proximity to the city limits, it’s just 16 KMS from paradise center on the state highway-Rajiv Rahadari.