Tips to Choose a Family Resort

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare!

Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at the moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch. Man, beast, and mothers all crave for a well deserved holiday. All week they would daydream about all the things they would do when on a holiday.

But, the irony of a holiday dream and its reality is a comedy of errors. All those hours of time spent on reading reviews about resorts just goes kaput because the actual thing is quite different. It is only after you come home that you realize that the resort you went to was a damp squib.

The photographs on the website are amazing, the reviews on other websites are awesome, the package seemed reasonable, but something seems to have gone wrong. That something you think is the guile of the resort, but they are there to sell!

Holidays are a much needed breath of fresh air that reminds us that there is life beyond the claustrophobic cubicles of air conditioned offices.  Every day in the office, we work under the artificial lights and breathe the synthetic air that comes out of the air conditioners. It gets no better when we head back home. The pollution is the killer now.

Home though cozy is again not as alluring as a holiday that is spent in the glorious sun, and breathing in the fresh air that brushes trees. And, that’s why you had been planning your holiday!

While planning a holiday at a resort in Hyderabad, you had missed out certain key elements that you needed to consider and that’s why your holiday was not rejuvenating. In the world of resorts, there are many options available, but one has to thoroughly find out what one is asking for.

Most of the resorts in Hyderabad are located in the outskirts of the city far away from the din. At least this ensures that you would get some peace of mind. However, what most resort goers complain is that they don’t get the full information. Most of them complain that some of the facilities are not working and that it should have been updated on the website.

Some complain about the food, some about the quality of accommodation and some about the non availability of certain services. These are valid points and it is fair when they ask us to update on the websites.

It is for this reason; we at Summer Green Resort in Hyderabad have come up with a checklist for you to find the perfect family resort in Hyderabad. Apart from this checklist, it is better for you to personally talk to the executive about certain crucial things like packages and the facilities you get for them.

  • Know what is included in the package.
  • Ask yourself if you are going to use all you get from the package.
  • Know what’s not included.
  • Know about complementary services you get.
  • Ask about Doctor on call facility.
  • Know about taxation in charges.
  • Ask if the resort is Adults only or kids friendly too.
  • Enquire if it is peak season or off season. You may get a deal here.
  • Enquire about the activities and amenities.
  • Ask about the restaurants and what they serve.
  • Enquire about the games and discotheques.
  • Ask about cancellation just in case.
  • Find out what is provided in the cottages.
  • Find about on-request amenities.

With this information in hand, we believe that you would be equipped enough to find the best resort in Hyderabad. Summer Green Resort in Shamirpet is known for its well organized arrangements and its hospitality. If you have any queries regarding our resort, please feel free to contact us.

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