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Take a break from your angry outbursts

Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind!

Someone said “never so to bed angry, stay awake and plot revenge.” I tried it for a few days and ended up with sleepless nights making me angrier. Come to think of it, anger is one common emotion that binds the universe. We are angry at the government, we are angry at the traffic, and we are angry at our colleague’s irritating ringtone.

We see anger as a pungent emotion that sets our hearts racing, and mind fuzzing. We seek violent discharge to this emotion only to realize later that we had laid a bad egg. But, repentance is not of any consequence. It does not undo your rash act.

It is commonly understood that anger is a spontaneous emotion that has more to do with the situation rather than personal disposition. Contrary to that, people who are prone to angry outbursts actually have something going on within themselves and there is little to do with the circumstance.

In our daily lives, we don’t realize how dangerous can a fit of emotion and an angry outburst can be. Road rages, unprovoked fighting, rash decisions, drunken brawls, misunderstandings and fights over TV channels are often the results of angry outbursts. Anger is contagious. It can spread virally and cause destruction.

Anger is dangerous both when released and repressed. It looks fabulous when Amitabh Bachhan or Salman Khan plays the angry young man with a moth-eaten and constipated face, but when you try to do that you end up having either a stroke or serious issues of relationships.

The epidemic of anger is such that most countries have weird tactics to vent it out and get back to normalcy. Among these therapies, we have one extreme which talks about spirituality like nobody’s business and says that meditation would cure anger. There is another extreme…the anger room.

Anger rooms are places where you can smash anything you want to. TVs, computers, glass, porcelain, and all things that shatter are on platter for angry people to come and destroy them. Though this concept is a raging business in the west, the very idea looks like a rockstar going berserk on concert and smashing all things is an exaggeration.

I mean it is more of pampering your anger rather than soothing it. Anger rooms have their own benefits, but they are not my cup of tea. The raging beast in us is but a natural consequence of our mind to certain situations and predispositions. When these outbursts tend to get overboard, then it truly is an issue.

Now, I am not going to give you some magic therapy that will make you a gentle giant. I am going to give you some sweet distractions that would help you become a romantic rather than a vengeful terminator.

How about the gentle winds of the evening that brush through trees and kiss your cheeks with wild aromas? How about small birds who sing sweetly among flowers? How about gardens with laughing flowers?

Well, these are the finer things of life that can make you realize that life is worth living and not cribbing. I understand that they cannot change the way the traffic behaves, they cannot change the way your boss or neighbor behaves, but they can change your outlook towards life.

That is what we at Summer Green believe! It is only when you get too preoccupied with yourself that things and people can irritate you. When you are aware of the small pleasures that life offers you, you do have a reason to smile despite all the things going wrong for you!

That is the reason we present our resort in Hyderabad as a stress reliever. You to take part in activities with your family and friends, relax at our cottages, enjoy the swimming pools, and dance yourselves to glory. Come to Summer Green and discover how well you can combat anger.