Fountain View

Fountain View, at Summer Green Resorts is a waterfront restaurant with splashes of water, water blue fountain and pool waves. Great ambience to tickle and taste the delicious food, chilled desserts and mock tails. Great place to hang out with family and friends, unwind the cozy pool, spotlight lamps and skyline of stars. A perfect leisure spot at summer green resort to experience the outdoor and open sky dining, candle light dinner and customized private parties.

Experience the taste of royalty with traditional Indian food, Chinese, Moghalia, Italian, Mexican and Lebanese; a perfect place to enjoy fine dining delicacies, delighted gourmets, ambiance music and gastronomic aromas. At the beautiful, poolside restaurant unwind the rich Indian ambiance, royal kitchens and distinctive dishes and flavors. The waterfront restaurant, at Summer Green Resorts offers a-la-carte and Indian culture menu and food style.