Tonic Club

The Posh Tonic Club is Music Lounge Emphasizes on Good Music & Dance with Beverages. Enlightened with disco color lights, crafted 1-on-1 cycling sitting to rock on and a dark hall.

At Tonic club we cater rich wines, premium beers, alcohol, punch bowls, breakup cocktails, vodkas are spirits at lounges.

Who does not love the good party with friends? Drop by Tonic Club at Summer Green Resorts and have some fun at bar, sparkling glasses, champagne cocktails and ornate gilt lights. A full stock bar with local and imported wines, signature brandies, pub classics, whiskeys and green tea liquors; Summer Green Resorts invites patrons for long hours of unwinding, refreshing blend and imaginary splashes.

Tonic Club Drinks:

  • Premium Beer
  • Local & Imported Whisky
  • Alcohol Drinks
  • Cocktails & Mocktails
  • Champagne & Vodkas
  • Mineral Water